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Mosques are not the priority – GDC tells Barrow

By Omar Bah

The Gambia Democratic Congress national youth mobiliser, MC Cham has reacted to President Barrow’s recent statement to build 60 mosques around the country, saying mosques are not the priority of Gambians.
The Gambian leader recently told the people of Essau in the North Bank Region during his nationwide tour that he has secured funding for the construction of 60 mosques across the country through a youth-initiative that seeks to enhance youth participation in national development.

But according to the GDC youth mobiliser, mosques are not The Gambia’s problems currently.
“If the president does that, then I will say he has lost focus and does not even understand the immediate needs of the Gambian people in terms of development priorities,” he told The Standard yesterday.
He said The Gambia is a secular state and not an Islamic State.

“Barrow should remember that people of different religious backgrounds and cultures voted for him and the constitution that empowers him has made it very clear that The Gambia is a secular state,” he stated.
He continued: “Therefore, we are all equal in the eyes of the government and despite the fact that Muslims form the majority, they are not above others under the law.
“The GDC holds the view that if he constructs 60 mosques and fail to construct 60 Churches, that will be unfair to the Christian community.”

Mr Cham said as far as the GDC is concerned, President Barrow should leave religious matters in the hands of the Supreme Islamic Council and the Gambia Christian Council.

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