MRC, partners give to Ndemban Clinic

MRC, partners give to Ndemban Clinic


By Olimatou Coker

The Medical Research Council Gambia has partnered the Spanish Red Cross (SRC) to donate to the Ndemban Clinic, now EFSTH in Bakau.

They furnished the clinic with installed CCTV cameras, PPEs, syringes, electronic medical record systems, hospital consumables, and gloves.


Dr Abubacarr Jagne, head of Covid-19 case management, said: “We never thought that there will be a need to put in the clinic cameras to look after patients until this deadly disease came to being.”

He highlighted the significance of the donation and thanked MRC Gambia and the Spanish Red Cross through the Gambia Red Cross Society (GRCS) for the foresight.

The CMD of the EFSTH, Professor Ousman Nyan remarked: “I think the partnership that has made this donation possible is a very powerful one. We pray and expect that this will continue for us to deliver the health care that our people deserve.”

Dr Momodou T Nyassi, deputy director of health, said MRC has been supporting the Ministry of Health for many years.

“The MRC has not only supported the ministry, but it has also supported the government of The Gambia through the creation of job opportunities and that’s what a country needs – mutual benefits between partners, and that is what they have shown.”

Dr Davis Nwakanma, chief operating officer, MRCG, said the Council’s vision is to improve health and save lives not only in Africa but across the world.

“We hope and expect that these donated items will make a huge impact and save lives,” he said.

The Secretary General of GRCS, Alasan Senghore, deliberated on the functions of the GRCS, saying it was created to act as an auxiliary to government.

“The GRCS is not an NGO, it is a specialised institution that has been established by an act of parliament,” the SG stated.