Musa Bah, Tha Scribbler


Anchor extraordinaire
Fatu Camara

I find her to be very unbiased
The criticism always leave her unfazed
A multitude of fans and critics, still unabashed
The image of her nation she tried to get raised
Having followed her for long I see her measured
One thing’s certain, she is one girl levelheaded
In and out of the country, no continent, she’s treasured
In her work you find professionalism embedded
Listen to her language, my dear, you’ll find her eloquent
Oh how I used to enjoy her reports, captivating
I find her work in The Struggle very beneficent
Love of country, hard work, ethics she’s cultivating
She is definitely extremely resourceful
And believe it or not, she is very very humble
I don’t have to say this, goes without saying, she’s beautiful
I use this medium to acknowledge her work in The Struggle
Join me let us celebrate our own
She is one elegant lady in town
Doesn’t matter the colour of her gown
Go Fatu Camara your name will not come down!