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Musa Bah, Tha Scribbler

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Ode to Teneng Gitteh

She has true elegance
One can’t value her work’s significance
Among her good traits is her munificence
She never condones any form of malfeasance
Ah let me talk about the other, her beauty
With that goes her total ingenuity
She always exudes a sense of serenity
But what I like most is her sincerity
She has an enduring sense of humour
She never deals in, or peddles rumour
She is quick to dish out a favour
Her job she does with a certain fervour
The girl is simply very capable
She has the knowhow and is amiable
She’s not am MP but I call her honourable
Her quest for knowledge n excellence insatiable
Of you I am indeed proud
You easily stand out in a crowd
On other people’s fault you put a shroud
On your every action may blessing sprout

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