Muslim SSS passes out 38th batch


By Mariam Sankanu

The 38th batch of Muslim Senior Secondary School has graduated on Wednesday at the school in Banjul.
At least 328 graduated from the English section and 57 from the Arabic section.
The principal, Lamin K Marong, while expressing mixed feelings about his students leaving the school, warned them against thinking they have already “learnt enough.”

“In the wake of university education in The Gambia, I want to emphasize the irrelevance of WASSCE as a qualification. Graduands must therefore work very hard towards a better academic qualification that can earn them a decent standard of living. Employers are looking for expertise and professionalism in the workplace for more efficient service delivery. Anything that is sub-standard is considered not fit for employment, therefore your employability lies in your own hands to pursue university education or learn a trade that can earn self-employment. It is important for you to be cautious in whatever you may want to do. It is always wise to seek advice from experts and experienced people,” he emphasized.


The guest speaker, Mr LM Kanteh, a mechanical engineer and also a graduate of the school, told the graduates to brace themselves for the challenges that come with completing high school. He said that people like them, who have just completed high school become victims of the notion that “Europe is a mini heaven.”As a result, they decide to migrate illegally. He also warned them against getting in to the habit of drug abuse.”Drug abuse is another dangerous temptation out there that could go a long way in retarding or completely destroying the mental growth of young people. As part of the same society, you are equally faced with the urge in the substance abuse,” he said.

Mr Kanteh advised them to follow their hearts and do whatever that makes them happy and work hard. Using himself as an example, he said that he is not the most successful person, but he is pleased with his career and all the achievements he has made.
Ex-students from different batches graced the event and their contribution towards making the graduation ceremony a success was appreciated.