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Musa Suso urges Gambians to rally behind Barrow

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By Omar Bah

Former Kombo North NAM Musa Suso has called on Gambians to realize that the change of government was brought about by all Gambians irrespective of tribe and therefore all Gambians must rally behind President Barrow.

Speaking to The Standard in an exclusive interview yesterday, Suso said: “The earlier we realise that we all have played our parts in the change the better for us; even the APRC militants have played their own part because it was their defiance that unified the Coalition members.”
Mr Suso said he is convinced that the Barrow-led administration is moving in the right direction and all they need is the support of the Gambian people.

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On the president’s meet the people tour, Mr Suso said the tour will give President Barrow the opportunity to discuss with the people a range of issues relating to the NDP and the donor conference.
Meanwhile, Suso in his capacity as the national coordinator of the presidential welcoming team in KMC and WRC, used the opportunity to call on all Gambians to come out in their large numbers to welcome the president on Monday.

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