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Gambian pop star Myk Jayda recently released his much anticipated debut album amid jam-packed crowd at the Kairaba Beach hotel.
The 10-track album titled ‘No Guts, No Glory, features some of The Gambia’s most promising acts including the boy band- Nobles.

The rising star is well known for his lyrical rapping techniques especially his punch lines and metaphors, which are the cores of the new sound in present day hip-hop.
Myk Jayda was first spotted within the Cypher camp and he quickly rose through the ranks in the movement establishing a name for himself, as one of the country’s promising rappers.
However, the pop star later fell out with the movement resulting in one of the biggest beefs with his rival Izzy T.

After a reconciliation meeting two weeks prior to his album release, the beef has finally been squashed, thus gaining all the support he needed to promote his launching.
At the launch of his album, he paid glowing tribute to rappers that paved the way for him such as Poetic X, MC Killa, Maaw Gee, who produced most of the tracks in the album.
He acknowledged the huge role they played in his career as a young mc.

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Quizzed on how the release of this debut album would impact on career, he sounded quite optimistic, saying it has given him a different scope and strategy of marketing his music.
He vowed that with the determination and zeal this album has injected in him will no doubt catapult his popularity on the global scene someday.

Brief career
Born Alieu Jobe, Myk Jayda was raised between the neighborhoods of Bundung and Latrikunda Sabiji. He graduated from Gambia Senior Secondary School in 2009 and went on to launch his musical career in 2010. Since then he is rapidly becoming a household name in the country. The demand for his presence at big musical events is testament that the future portends well for him.


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He’s widely referred to as The Gambia’s Rap King by his growing legion of fans, after grabbing the Hip-Hop Artiste of the Year 2016 at the Wah Sa Halat Music Awards.
Now, at the age of 27, Myk Jayda is poised to take his music career to the next level and realizes his dream of making “good music that has longevity and will create meaning in the lives of people”.

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