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MoYS commended for general funding of sports

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An opinion by a sports fan

Sports other than football were for too long neglected by sports authorities in The Gambia. The non-existence or decline of other sports such as Basketball, Volleyball, Handball and Wrestling came as a result of the government frowning to provide funds to carry out their activities.
Millions of Dalasis were spent on football at the expense of other sports without any tangible results. It is time to commend the Ministry of Youth and Sports under its new minister for sharing the national cake with youths in the other sports.

Within this short period of time since the new minister came to office, a big smile was put on the faces of our Basketball and Volleyball teams who were accorded opportunity to participate in international competitions. The Ministry has allocated hundreds of thousands of Dalasis to Basketball and Volleyball teams to make them feel that their counterparts in football are not better them. The Gambia Handball Association who has never benefited from a Butut from the government were given Five Hundred Thousand Dalasis to take part in the just concluded Handball competition in Mauritania. Give credit where it is due. Thank You Mr Minister.

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