NAM calls for immediate renaming of Senegambia Bridge

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By Omar Bah

Bakary K Badgie, the National Assembly member for Foni Bintang Karanai has called on the government to as, a matter of urgency, rename the Senegambia bridge. The bridge, built in 2018 connects Senegal’s southern region Casamance to rest of the country via Gambia. It was named Senegambia bridge, a name most people feel does not entirely suggest full ownership of it by the Gambia where it is located.

“We need to rename the bridge to a Gambian name and exclude Senegal totally. That is my suggestion,” he said.


Praises for Jammeh

Mr Badgie, elected on the ticket of the renegade APRC faction loyal to former president Yahya Jammeh also used part of his adjournment debate time to praise the former Gambian leader.  He said Jammeh maintained security which is not guaranteed anymore. “Now bandits are even bold enough to attack even security officers. If our security officers are not secured who is secured,” he changed.

Jammeh’s assets

“I want to tell president Adama Barrow to do something about Jammeh’s assets now because no one tell me Jammeh could not have a single property of his own throughout his 22-year rule. Even his properties in Kanilai were seized. To you, Minister of Justice, we are waiting for the names of those who bought Jammeh’s assets and those not sold yet,” he said.