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NAM says mistreating Foni impedes reconciliation

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By Omar Bah

Modou Camara, the National Assembly member for Foni Bintang has warned government and Gambians in general against viewing Foni as a hostile zone.

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Hon Camara told The Standard that he is troubled by a recent comment by Adelaide Sosseh, the vice chairperson of the TRRC, who has reportedly said Foni was a problem during their reconciliation caravan.

Madam Sosseh had also alleged that Mayor Yankuba Colley and Fabakary Tombong Jatta’s continuous denial of the atrocities committed under former President Jammeh is proving to be a challenge for the country’s reconciliation.

But according to Hon Camara, the problem is the new government has been unable to offer the people of Foni the basic freedoms and right as the area becomes a target.

“Let me draw your attention to a few injustices meted out to the people of Foni: the shooting of Gambian soldiers by Senegalese soldiers, the mine explosion which killed a father and two sons which were never investigated as well as the case of Haruna Jatta who was shot along side 9 others who sustained serious injuries, the arrest of Kanfenda children and women, some of them pregnant. All these happened to the people of Foni,” Hon Camara said.

He said Foni natives in responsible positions were also targeted for dismissal.

This he said are the things that make reconciliation difficult.

Hon Camara said although Madam Sosseh argued that the free water and electricity accorded to the people of Kanilai cannot be permitted now, she forgot to note that people of Kanilai never demanded for those privileges.

Camara accused of doing nothing in Foni apart from deploying armed men there to intimidate people.

“The kind of speech delivered by Madam Sosseh encourages division and tribalism and should be condemned,” Hon Camara said.

The NAM also accused the United Democratic Party leader Ousainu Darboe of diverting Cuban doctors who were supposed to be stationed in Foni to Bansang when he was in government.

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