NCCE begins sensitization on democracy, responsible citizenship


By Amadou M Jadama

The National Council for Civic Education, NCCE has urged Gambians to refrain from acts that are not in conformity with democracy and the rule of law.
Yusupha Bojang, programme officer at NCCE, was speaking on Saturday during the ongoing community sensitization on democracy and responsible citizenship held at Gunjur and Sanyang in the Kombo South, West Coast Region.

Each of the districts selected 4-5 communities to sensitize them and will cover 20 communities in West Coast Region.
“The main objective of this is to raise awareness on democracy, the new Gambia and responsible citizenship. There are lots of misconceptions about democracy and abuse of democracy.
“People are acting in a manner which is not in line with democracy. This is why we organised this sensitization to reach out to the communities, especially youth and women and enlighten them what actually democracy means and their rights and responsibility as stated in the Constitution,” he said.


“Democracy is a system of government that gives opportunity to every citizen to have a say in the affairs of the country.
“It is a system that creates a room for every right to be respected and also gives citizens the right to participate in the development of the country

“When you say that we are in democracy that does not mean that, there is no law in the country. Democracy is the rule of law, respect for authority, respect each other and do things according to the law,” he added.
Ansuman Yarboe, senior civic education supervisor at NCCE also expressed similar remarks. “The Gambia belongs to all and we are one family and we should always endeavour to promote the already existing and oneness at all times.

“The Constitution is the supreme law of the land and the preservation of that Constitution is the duty of all Gambians.”
Yarboe also called on Gambians to be tolerant to dissent, saying our political differences must not affect our social interactions.

“The Gambia is one family state and we should always try to promote peaceful co-existence despite our political differences. Tolerance is very crucial to the sustenance of peace and stability. It is a Constitutional right of every Gambian to belong to any political party of your choice,” he said.

He also urged the communities to form VDCs in their villages.
Hon. Kebba K Barrow, the NAM for Kombo South and Majority Leader, said the sensitization is an opportunity for the people of Kombo South and the Gambia to go back to the drawing board and ensure that the government is supported in achieving its development blueprint.