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New Sports Council board to be inaugurated today

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The other prominent member of course is the new chairman Lamin King Kolley, a  charismatic sports administrator  who now takes the mantle of overseeing the policy direction of the ministry at its technical arm  He is supported as vice president by Elizabeth Bahoum a prominent veteran basketball player.
On the administration side, the NSC has got a new organography with the daily running of secretariat  now headed by an executive director among other newly created portfolios.
Once inaugurated, Mr Kolley and his group would now get to brass tacks to run the NSC in tandem with new urgency injected into the entire organs of the sports ministry to ensure effective governing of national sports  associations.
Soon after his appointment as chairman, Mr Kolley told journalists that his approach would be one of dialogue and reconciliation, an apparent reference to some nagging disputes among the sports fraternity, especially the Olympic sports family. Today’s ceremony would be presided over the minister of youth and sports Alieu K Jammeh.

Author: Lamin Cham


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