New water project elates Kafuta Tumbung


Olimatou Coker

Under its fresh drinking water project, Atlas Copco and Nema Foundation opened five boreholes for the people of Kafuta Tumbung in Kombo East, leaving them pleased.
The two associations said the boreholes cost at least 1.6 million dalasis.
Lamin FM Conta, MP for Kombo East, thanked the donors for complementing the government’s efforts.

“Nema Foundation has been very committed in helping communities,” he stated.
Frank Claessons from Atlas, said this was his organisation’s first project in The Gambia: “I will try my best to convince my water board to put some funding to assist not only Kafuta Tumbung but surrounding villages as well,” he promised.
He called the project “a huge step for the villagers”, saying previously they had a water system which does not always work.


Bala Musa Darboe, ward councillor for Kafuta Tumbung, described the project as “one of the most developed projects to have ever come” to his ward.
“We really appreciate the gesture,” he said. “Human beings cannot go without water, water contributes a lot in our daily activities.”

He said the issue of water shortage has been a problem for his ward for far too long.
Momodou Bojang, a youth president, said Kafuta Tumbung is a “victim of isolation,” because it has “never benefited from any development [initiative]”.
Abi Bojang, a women speaker, said before the coming of the project villagers cut sleep in wee hours to search for water in surrounding villages.
She said the project will ensure every villager has access to water.