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By Omar Bah With former President Yahya Jammeh gone his APRC party will have to find a new leader to inspire the party here on the ground. Last night, The Standard visited the National Mobiliser of the party and the KMC Mayor Yankuba Colley for answers about the future of both the party and he himself. Colley said that the former ruling party is still very much alive and will soon unveil its new. “I can confidently inform you that we will have our party leader very soon. Whether is going to be a new person or not we don’t know for now, but when we do we will tell Gambians. What is clear for now is that former President Yahya Jammeh still remains our party secretary general,” he said. Though he ruled himself out of any contest for the APRC leadership, Colley said he is very optimistic that the Green party will bounce back in grand style in the upcoming parliamentary election in April. On his personal involvement with party’s future, he said: “I, Yankuba Colley, will not be the head of the APRC; that I can assure you. I always want to be King Maker and not a King itself. Jammeh is no more with us in person here but we want to demonstrate to Gambians that the APRC was not a one-man party in the upcoming parliamentary election. We are also planning to tour the country to congratulate our electorates for their unreserved support.” He continued: “I have to admit that we are still feeling the sadness of losing the election but whether we like it or not President Adama Barrow is the head of state of this great nation. I personally recognise him as the legitimate president, as you can see I have pulled down Jammeh’s picture in my office and I will replace it with President Barrow’s picture very soon.” The Kanifing Municipal Mayor also welcomes the way and manner the new administration kicks start their transition and reassured President Adama Barrow of his willingness to continue giving his maximum support whenever it is needed as the Mayor of KMC despite the fact that his party is now in the opposition. On former President Jammeh’s exile, Colley said: “I would have liked Jammeh to stay in the country yes, but considering the situation on the ground I think him being in exile for now is better as it will give the new government more space to exist. You see if Jammeh is here with President Barrow no one can tell what will happen.” With regards to the election petition Colley said: “I have nothing to do with it, it is a party issue and I believe is for the party to decide whether they want to withdraw the case or pursue it.” On allegations that he stole vehicles, Mayor Colley laughed and said: “You see I think some people are not just fair to me. Frankly speaking my last visit to the State House was before the election and that was my last time talking to former president Jammeh or seeing eye-to-eye with him.” “People are entitled to their own opinion but the fact of the matter is, I have no access to the State House neither to government properties,” he noted. Colley also expressed his disappointment over the continuous death threats he is receiving on daily basis, saying “If we are calling for real democracy every one of us should have the liberty to support the party of their choice, because my family members and brothers are with the coalition.” The energetic APRC mobiliser said he would never betray his party and will never leave the country just because of politics, stressing that everyone should be entitled to his or her opinion, party affiliation or religion and that is the principle he wishes and expects in the new Gambia.]]>

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