NHRC, IEC urged to condemn NPP’s ‘tribal’ comments

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By Omar Bah

A senior member of The Gambia civil society coalition in the United States, Lamin Chamang Komma, has urged the national human rights commission and the Independent Electoral Commission to condemn NPP’s tribal rhetoric.

“The NHRC, IEC, The Gambia Bar Association and other right groups should come out and condemn NPP’s tribal rhetoric and flag it as a threat to national security. As a Gambian community abroad, we are deeply concerned about the lack of inaction from these groups towards the excesses of the NPP,” Komma said from his base in US.


He said the NPP supporter who disguised as a UDP supporter and threatened the Jola tribe should be taken to court. “But because she is an NPP suppoter she was arrested and released,” he said.

“We have also seen them dancing on Mayor Rohey Malick Lowe’s campaign T-shirt and attacking Mayor Talib Bensouda’s heritage, but all the right groups including the NHRC and the IEC are quiet about it. And if this was the UDP, everybody would come out and start condemning it. We have also seen Adama Barrow attacking Ousainu Darboe on several occasions and nobody condemned it but the moment Darboe reacted, they came out and started condemning him. The selective justice should stop or else we may risk plunging this country into chaos,” he warned.