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No development without educated youths


Dear editor,

There may not be any meaningful development in the absence of educated youths…

There is a marginal difference between education and knowledge acquisition. Sadly most people in the Gambia go to school only. This is blamed on the ailing education system, characterised by ill trained educationists and non-visionary students.


To start with, the manner of delivery is weak as most courses are theory based. Little or no learning equipment are available, this goes up to our highest learning institution.

The number of failures in the recently release results of the twelve grade is bizarre and scary since most of the failures are left with no option than to be drop outs. I can blindly say more than 10,000 candidates failed. So what does the future hold for these youths?


Learning from our neighboring Senegal a scheme is developed by the Higher Education Ministry to capture students who fails the Baccalaureate (BAC). The scheme is a two year intensive program that provides youths with skills training for a period of two years and absorbed in the job market after graduation. The students with outstanding results are provided direct entry to university and given scholarships as well as stipend. Plus another project name ‘every student to a laptop”.


Now tell me, The Gambia needs more skilled workers than any other developing country in mainland Africa. On the same vain we need university graduates with big brains to man our expert positions.


Technology is abused in the Gambia worse than any other country on earth. Parents are losing the grip in parental care, schools are not located in well zoned areas suitable for learning etc., are among the factors influencing our education system.


If the Government fail to look at our ailing education system, then the country will fall in wrong hands in the future.

Ousman Bah

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