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NoGJWCA signs MoU with 3 organizations in Nigeria

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By Omar Bah

Officials of the Network of Gender Journalists, for Women and Cultural Advancement (NoGJWCA) in The Gambia, on Monday signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with three organizations in Nigeria.

The names of the organizations are: Women for Equity and Social Change Initiative (WESCI), Hope Raisers Global Foundation (HRGF), and Comfort Stream Aid Foundation (CSAF) respectively.

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The aim of the MoU is to work together as partners in both countries in the area of women and youth empowerment as well as children rights, and the objective is to have one big organization in Africa called AfriGender-Rights Group, and the headquarters will be in Abuja, Nigeria, other countries will have charters including The Gambia.

The organization is ready to work with all international organizations, like the ECOWAS, African Union (AU), European Union (EU), and United Nations, (UN) which deal with the issue of women empowerment and as well as children rights.

Speaking shortly after the signing ceremony, Njie Baldeh, secretary general, Network of Gender Journalists for Women and Cultural Advancement (NoGJWCA) in The Gambia, thanked the three organizations through a friend by the name Rosita Chinyere Ndukwe for the partnership.

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“I once take this opportunity to thank the three organizations in Nigeria for partnering with our organization, and I believe this will go in a long way in promoting women, youths and children rights.”

Pateh Baldeh, President of the Network expressed his appreciation for the partnership, adding that his network is fully committed to work for the attainment of common aims and objectives for a better Africa.

We as a network, we see this signing partnership as a very big achievement, but still a lot have to be done for action implementation. I wish to thank all those who have made it possible to have this very important partnership.

Angonimi David-Imeh, founder, Hope Raisers Global Foundation (HRGF) thanked all organizations for their participation, adding that the partnership is very important. She said all Africa needs powerful voices, not noise makers.

Once the vision is clear, we are ready to pull down the heavens, count me in, together each achieves more. We focused on taking care of internally displaced people for now as there is need to empower the women, educate the children, provide health care for the children, and advocate by lending our voices with as many other voices that are pointing towards better livelihood for these ones from the Federal Government.

Ebele Okeke, President, Women for Equity and Social Change Initiative (WESCI) said their mission is to give free dispute resolution services to all hurting women in the society.

Our vision is to make sure that all suffering women in Nigeria society are given fair social justice. I am glad to work with other African NGOs that are interested in social justice, liberation and emancipation.

WESCI is a non profit-making organization fully registered with Nigeria’s Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).

Theresa Anthony, the founder of Comfort Stream Aid Foundation (CSAF) thanked all organizations for coming together and formed one big organization for Africa. She said her foundation was initiated out of a passion to alleviate the suffering of women, girls and youths in the areas of unemployment, Gender Based Violence (GBV) , mental health, rights and protection.

“We do these through capacity building, sensitization awareness, skills development and counseling.”

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