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Nogoi Njie explains torture at NIA

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By Mafugi Ceesay

Nogoi Njie, Prosecution Witness 26 in the trial of the NIA 9, has narrated the ordeal she faced during her detention at the National Intelligence Agency.
Testifying before Justice Kumba Sillah-Camara, Ngoi said she was taken to a room where she was tortured by several masked men including operative Tamba Mansally.
She said before the NIA abusers started beating her, she was asked by Mr Mansally to undress and lay down on a table but she told him if she undressed in front of them, they will go blind. She said Tamba angrily hit her on her left arm.

Continuing her testimony, Ngoi said that was the signal for the rest of the torturers to start raining blows on her as well as knocking her with the outer cover of car tyres. She said she was beaten until her body was soaked in her own blood from the injuries inflicted.
She said the assault was halted when an old man opened the door to the room. She said Mansally then insulted her mother and asked her to move out of the room. She said she was later escorted by one “James” with two other old men who covered their faces into another room where she met her arrested colleagues.

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She said she was asked to sit at the corner splashed with urine but she refused.
She said she encouraged her colleagues to refuse to undress if they are asked to do so.
She said minutes later James and the others brought in Solo Sandeng’s bloodied body. She said Sandeng was asked to sit in the urine but she asked him not to and pulled him over to her and covered him with her wrapper.
She said the men renewed beating her while the old men sat outside and counted the lashes raining on her.
She said she begged for mercy but they did not heed her woeful pleas.

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