Nov 11 demo organisers promise peaceful protest

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By Alagie Manneh

The pressure group, Coalition of Progressive Gambians (CoPG), has assured Gambians of a peaceful protest on November 11th.

The group was responding to statements made by the director of the Gambia Tourism Board Friday that the November mass actions may not be peaceful and that they could derail the tourist season.


“This is not going to be violent; it is going to be a peaceful demonstration,” the chairman of the group, Seedy Cham assured.

He said the tourist season has long been left damaged by condescending remarks that The Gambia is not a gigolo coast for elderly European women.

“They went all the way to England to tell white people that they don’t want old white tourists to come here. You have nothing in your country, yet you are driving away tourists,” Cham charged.

Mr Cham said their only worry is a counter protest reportedly being organised by a group which could threaten their planned peaceful protest. He said the police have heard about the counter protest but have decided to do nothing about it.

“They should call those people and caution them on what they are saying. Dou Sanno [presidential adviser] and others are the trouble-makers. They do not give good advice to the president. Those are the issues they should address. In any case, for this protest to be cancelled, the government must address our demands. That is the only way, without which, we will protest.”