NPP disagrees with DA Jawo’s foreign voter claims

NPP disagrees with DA Jawo's foreign voter claims


By Omar Bah

The National People’s Party deputy spokesperson, Seedy Njie has described as “nonsensical”, former Minister of Information Demba Ali Jawo’s claims that non-Gambians voted in Gambia’s December 4 presidential election. 

In a recent controversial opinion piece, DA Jawo wrote: “It is a well-known fact that several non-Gambians who had no business in our elections were mobilized to vote and they indeed voted. However, apparently because of their over-confidence in their poise to win the elections and trying to ward off the label of being anti-foreigner, the United Democratic Party (UDP), in particular, did not see it necessary to take the matter to the revising courts.”


But officially reacting to his comments for the first time, Seedy Njie said: “All those who registered and voted in the December election are Gambians. There is no iota of truth about claims that we registered foreigners to vote in the election.

The NPP is quite shocked and disappointed to learn that such comments are coming from a person of DA Jawo’s caliber. How can he make allegations which he cannot substantiate? We call on him to shut up.”

Njie, a short-lived former information minister himself, said DA Jawo “can continue to enjoy the democratic space that the government of President Barrow continues to safeguard”.

“However, we all know when he was in cabinet he was one of the most incompetent ministers ever in the history of this country. He has not offered this country apart from making ridiculous comments but the president is not bothered by people like him,” Njie said.

Contacted for comments, Mr DA Jawo said Mr Seedy Njie is entitled to his opinion. ”I respect his opinion but I still maintain that non–Gambians voted in this election and I am not bothered with what Mr Njie thinks about that,” Mr Jawo said.