By Omar Bah

The National Peoples Party has predicted it will win majority of the seats in the National Assembly elections due in nine days.

Speaking to The Standard on the sidelines of party leader President Barrow’s tour, the deputy campaign manager and presidential adviser, Dodou Sanno, said the massive reception given to the president across the country is once again clearly suggesting his party will take most seats. “We have been able to make people understand that once you have a president in place, voting an opposition parliament would not make sense because it will not ensure smooth delivery of governance.  The people are now taking that message and I can tell you that they will not have more than three seats or thereabout and all the opposition NAMs will be turned into comedians in the next assembly because their presence will not be felt,” Sanno said.


Mr Sanno argued that if Gambians want to transform the country, they should ensure that the NPP has the majority to enable the president deliver on his big ambition for the country’s development.

Responding to criticism that the president is unfairly wasting the taxpayers’ money on a tour masked as meet the people when actually it is a campaign tour, Sanno said the Gambian leader is not doing anything unconstitutional because the tour is mandated by the constitution to enable the president discuss with the people issues of national interest and he is doing exactly that.

The NPP is contesting 40 seats while its coalition partners are contesting in the remaining 13 constituencies. Currently, more than half of the seats are held by the opposition UDP, PDOIS and GDC. The NPP said if the results of the presidential election are anything to go by, they now have the biggest support across the country.