Saul Jeng says Barrow’s jibes at Sidia normal in politics


By Omar Bah  

Gambian UK-based NPP supporter, Sulayman Jeng, has come to the defense of President Adama Barrow whose recent comments urging PDOIS’ Sidia Jatta to retire were strongly condemned by the party’s officials and supporters.

In a write-up titled ‘the unbuttered political correctness’, Jeng said the comments of Barrow are normal and even Sidia Jatta himself understands that his opponents will throw political jibes at him.


“Partiality and prejudice can sometimes lead people to create enemies where they do not exist. This can’t be truer with Gambian unbuttered political correctness. What is the beef in President Barrow saying he and the NPP will send Hon Sidia Jatta on political retirement? Most of those taking offence to such a political utterance by an opposing party or candidate are not fashioned for politics. This is not a ‘tactical alliance’ campaign of coalition parties for goodness’ sake. Sidia Jatta is a veteran politician and understands that his opponents will do their best to win his seat. As a result, they would throw political jibes at him. That is far from insulting the person of a political aspirant or leader,” Mr. Jeng argued.

He added that politics of “what doesn’t favour me is immoral, owlish at best and moronic at worst. I do appreciate Barrow could have handled the Casamance crisis and the disheartening commodity price hikes first before embarking on any tour, given the prevailing circumstances. Perhaps, the heat on Barrow should have been mounted more on the incompetence of the OIC officials for their failure in meeting up targets, lack of food security, chilling corruption, and the quality of candidates nominated to be our law makers. These, I believe, are what we should be holding President Barrow accountable for but not saying he will send Hon Sidia Jatta on political retirement,” Jeng wrote.