NPP to name candidates Wednesday

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By Lamin Cham

The National People’s Party will announce its candidates for the chairmanship and mayoral elections on Wednesday.

Kemo Conteh, executive member and head of political research and strategic development of the NPP, said the process will be conducted at all the regions and will be presided over by the respective regional committees.


He further disclosed that the process would be attended by selected executive members to monitor and give guidelines where necessary. “The decision making however rests on the local structures in each region, namely constituency and regional committee officials who are expected to make a selection based on the realities on the ground. No one will be impose anyone on the people,” he emphasised.

Mr Conteh said the party will make a formal announcement of its candidates on Wednesday.

 Asked about potential fall outs from the selection process and threats of disgruntled aspirants going to run on independent tickets Mr Conteh replied: “We will cross that bridge when we get there”.

Dozens of NPP members have applied for the party’s ticket for mayoral and chairmanship elections across the country with Basse and Brikama likely to have the biggest contests with a hugely divided opinion among selectors about several top contenders.