NPP’s Gitteh attacks Essa Faal

NPP's Gitteh attacks Essa Faal


Prominent NPP member Ahmad Gitteh has stuck the knife into Essa Faal saying the former TRRC lead counsel had an ulterior motive from the beginning.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with The Fatu Network, the sharp-tongued Gitteh went after Mr Faal over his visit to the victims centre.

Gitteh said: “Essa is the number one spoiler of this TRRC because he paraded himself as the lead counsel, a man who is supposed to be neutral between victims and perpetrators, Essa’s stance and personality are very critical in what happens when it comes to the outcome of this TRRC.


“Now I as a supporter of President Adama Barrow,  saw Essa as a man with an ulterior motive from the beginning. He has used his position as a political platform and in fact treated certain individuals in terrible ways.

“Essa insulted Imam Fatty and disrespected religious scholars here.

But have some lawyers here who went to the TRRC, that helped Jammeh a great deal. The way Essa treated them… Some of them, he did not even want to be at the panel. The Essa we know would always go for the big fish. Any time there is a critical person, any time there is an important person, Essa would be the one to take the seat.

 “We had a former justice minister here, Essa was nowhere to be seen. We had a very powerful person here who helped draft six decrees and gave some very powerful guidance to the junta of Yahya Jammeh and his men. Where was Essa? He ran away to Dakar. For the fact he has declared his intention [to run], I said Essa, you have destroyed this TRRC. And it’s a big big issue.

“Essa Faal defended war criminals, so if Essa Faal is talking about morality. You have defended people who when combined have killed almost a million innocent souls. That’s not a problem in morality. Yet you’re coming here and bragging about Yahya Jammeh facing justice?”

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