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NRP dismisses Rambo’s allegations, asks for evidence

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By Amadou Jadama

The press secretary of the National Reconciliation Party, Pateh Baldeh has said that the allegations made by Rambo Jatta of the APRC against the leader of the NRP and minister of Tourism Hamat NK Bah are unfounded, baseless and completely erroneous.
Rambo Jatta has said at a recent rally in Brikama that Mr Bah went to State House lobbying Jammeh to make him vice president during the political impasse.
Rejecting the allegations, the NRP spokesman said no Gambian with the right frame of mind will believe Rambo’s statement.
“First thing I want to remind Rambo to live by his own mantra which is if you cannot beat them, join them.

“Rambo said this back in the 2000s when soon after being freed from illegal detention, he disappointed every body who stood for him to join the very party which incarcerated him. When he was asked he said the APRC is not defeatable and if you cannot beat them you join them“, Baldeh said. He added that a person of that kind of character cannot be trusted. “How can Hamat Bah who had long been in the struggle against Jammeh jump to join a party that had lost at the time?
This is completely unfounded and baseless .Let him talk about something pertaining to their party. Gambians know what is the truth is the the fact that APRC will never come back to power here,” he noted.

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Mr Baldeh challenged Rambo to prove his claims with evidence. “He should have come with the evidence to the rally and prove it to the gathering,” Baldeh said.
He concluded that Hamat Bah is a very honest person who will not engage in anything like that.

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