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‘GAP has nothing to do with Barrow’


By Omar Bah

The leader of the Gambia Action Party (GAP), Musa Yali Batchilly has said his party has nothing to do with President Barrow. Since its formation GAP has been labeled by many commentators as proxying for President Barrow.

But Batchilly who split from GDC alongside others to form GAP told a news conference yesterday that Barrow is not connected with GAP.

“The only thing we share with President Barrow is the national development plan. The Gambia Action Party is a self-financed party and it is a light that can never be extinguished nor crack into particles as many might have thought,” he clarified in his party’s first meeting with the local press at Q-City.

“This party is here for Gambians irrespective of tribe, religion, race or color and we are here to stay for the common good. We have a developmnt agenda for the nation which shall be met. Let’s stop the psychological warfare which turns criminals into victims and victims into criminals through the media and put all hands on deck for the betterment of the great Gambia,” he asserted.

Speaking further, Batchilly said Gambians have witnessed a lot of propaganda and empty promises for far too long and that it is high-time political parties like GAP joined the political spectrum to change the narrative, saying a GAP government will use all legitimate means to save the country from sinking any further.

“The Gambia as a country has not been economically viable as it ought to be and it has not only been plunged into foreign debts but also large scale youth unemployment, abject poverty, socio-economic insecurity and the government unfortunately cannot find solutions to the socio-economic problems that our nation has been facing for years,” he added.

He said a GAP government will put in a strategy that will reduce poverty to the core and promote rapid and sustained economic growth, adding “A GAP government shall create a conducive environment with proper institutions and economic growth that will comprehensively transform our country’s health and medical sector to ensure efficient service delivery.”

“Our government will be characterised by transparency, proper administrative system, accountability in both the public and private sectors. We will improve our education system because when the education fails the nation fails. The educational system of our country is saddened and GAP shall strive to improve it,” he added.

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