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OIC road contracts finally awarded

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By Tabora Bojang

The OIC Gambia Secretariat has finally awarded contracts for the construction of 20 new roads in the Greater Banjul Area ahead of the forthcoming OIC summit next year.

The delayed start of the project has sparked huge public concern over whether the projects would actually materialize, especially with only 18 months to the summit in 2022.

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According to our sources, the new development came following a no-objection from Saudi Arabia, approving the contractors earmarked by the OIC Gambia Secretariat to build the roads.

However, the contract for the main Bertil Harding Highway expansion project is yet to be finalised.

According to our sources, the contracts are awarded in two lots to be done by companies from Senegal, Saudi Arabia and Sierra Leone, who are to join ventures with some Gambian companies including GAMBISARA.

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Lot 1 has been awarded to CSE from Senegal in joint venture with Saudi-based ALFAHID & SSTP, which has been incorporated in The Gambia.

They will construct the following roads; GPPC-New Jeshwang (GACEM Junction)- Jokor Junction, Kanifing Hospital- Bertil Harding (Methodist) Kanifing Estate road, GPPC Road-Westfield (Jokor)- Abuko, Sukuta- Latrikunda Sabiji, Junctionba- Hermann Gmeiner Road, Rev. J.C. Faye, Sukuta Health Center-Kololi Senegambia Road intersection, Bundung Highway, Kanifing Hospital- GTMI, Kololi/Senegambia Road intersection- Touba Sanchaba Road, Kairaba Avenue (former IEC)- BJL\Serrekunda Highway (GTTI).

Lot 2 has been awarded to Sierra Leone-based civil engineering company PAVIFORT in joint venture with Saudi-based HUTA & Gambian owned GAMBISARA.

They are also expected to construct the following roads; Kololi Tavern to Bijilo-Brufut, Touba Sanchaba Road, Kerr Serign-Sukuta, Bijilo- Sukuta Nemasu Latrikunda, Sukuta-Wullingkama-Brufut-Ghana Town, Bijilo site access, Coastal Road (Zion Welding workshop)- Wullingkama carpark.

According to our sources, the civil works are expected to commence after the signing of the official contract later this month.

The Standard contacted the director of communications at the OIC, Nfally Fadera who declined to comment on the selection of the contractors but confirmed that a “no-objection” from Saudi Arabia has arrived. “I cannot divulge who the selected contractors are at this stage, however, I can confirm that the evaluation of tenders has been completed. Additionally, the Saudi Fund has also approved the companies recommended by the evaluation committee. The Secretariat will send out an official communique to that effect soon,” Mr Fadera said.   

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