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FTJ says alliance to re-elect Barrow, kill political careers

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By Tabora Bojang

Fabakary Tombong Jatta, the leader of the APRC, has declared that the new task ahead of the NPP-APRC coalition in the December presidential election is not only to secure a landslide victory for President Adama Barrow but to see out the political careers of “lots of people”.

Mr. Jatta made these remarks at the maiden meeting of President Adama Barrow’s constitutionally mandated nationwide tour in Munyagen village in Jokadu, North Bank Region.

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 Jatta, whose party formed a coalition with Barrow’s National Peoples Party, said the unprecedented welcome accorded to the president from Barra to Jokadu is a clear indication that victory awaits the NPP-APRC coalition.

“Every APRC supporter should come and work under the banner of this NPP-APRC coalition. Our first task is to ensure that come December 4th we will not only stop at ensuring victory for Barrow but to bring an abrupt end to the political careers of a lot of people [opposition]. The country has reached a stage where we are going to be wrestling in the rocks,” Jatta told a cheering crowd.

He claimed that the opposition parties outside the Barrow-led coalition have come to the realisation that the door has been slammed shut. “This is why they resorted to noise making. But a sheep will continue to wriggle even when it is slaughtered,” the former majority leader added. According to FTJ, the NPP-APRC alliance is borne out of national interest.

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“We [APRC] joined Barrow because we believe Gambia is bigger than all of us. Yes, there are lots of talks but we have to remember that Gambia is a very small country and we are all brothers and sisters. That is why I sincerely thank President Barrow because I was keenly observing him from the start of our discussions until today and one thing clear is that he is a very reasonable individual who has huge respect for the dignity of people and he is a true believer of God,” FTJ said.

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