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By Amadou M Jadama on Tour

Hon. Omar Jallow alias OJ, leader of the People’s Progressive Party and member of the ruling coalition government, has said that PPP will never die because of its significant contribution to The Gambia from birth to its modeling as one of the most democratic African nations.
OJ was speaking at rallies in the North Bank Region where his party put up area council candidates for the April 12 election.

Mr Jallow said he was very impressed with the strong revival of the PPP in the communities of Lower Niumi, Upper Niumi, Jokadou districts and other parts of the nation.
He said he look forward to seeing more revival of the party because PPP is now the father of all the political parties in the country.

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“The PPP is the party that led the Gambia to Independence and made it a model multi-party democracy at a time when most African countries were under one party state system. We brought republicanism to the country and made Gambia the champion of human rights and rule of law in Africa,” OJ said. He recalled that at the 1975 OAU summit in Kampala, Uganda where a human rights commission was set up, The Gambia was singled out as the most qualified to serve in the commission given her status as a respecter of human rights and rule of law.
“During the PPP era every Gambian’s dignity was respected and that’s why we will not allow this party to die,” OJ said.

However, Mr Jallow also used the occasion to warn that no single party can take credit for ousting Yahya Jammeh from power because that was achieved by a coalition of parties and not one party.
“I think we should be honest and stop misleading people about how the change came about. President Barrow was not elected on party ticket but as an independent Coalition ticket formed and supported by all the parties in the coalition. That’s why I, OJ, Hamat Bah and others are in the government because we are part of the coalition,” he told the gathering.

According to him, The Gambia’s interest should supersede individual interest, adding that PPP is a peaceful party and therefore urged the masses to desist from all forms of violence because that was the message of former President Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara.
Meanwhile, during a rally in Essau, Ndungu kebbeh, Albreda, in NRB and Kaur, Panchang, Chamen in CRR among other communities Hon. Jallow called on the electorate to vote for the PPP candidates to ensure rapid development in their wards.

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