From the upheaval that greeted the comeback fight of Tiger Balla Gaye II to this Sunday’s combat of the year in Banjul, wrestling is shaking towns and villages in Senegambia.

This Sunday, 8 April has been marked and underlined as a peace and reconciliation combat designed to mobilise Gambians to an evening of wrestling contests opened to all regardless of political persuasion.
Staged by Champions Sounds, the event has been symbolically dedicated to Musa Suso of Sukuta who has announced he is extending the honour to Madame Sarjo Mballow – Barrow of State House.

However according to Suso, the event is a nonpolitical event and in fact is designed to mobilise people towards national causes through patriotic support to Gambian wrestlers as well as forge closer ties among the people.


“In my view any of the President’s wives should be a beckon of unity that has been demonstrated by both wives of the President who are both keen on meeting and associating with good causes regardless of politics.
“That is the momentum we want to keep by dedicating this event to Madame Mballow patronage,” Suso told The Standard.

According to him the event will be colourful and lively as both the wrestlers and their fans are in terrific mood for the day.

“The gallery of fans will converge at my residence in Sukuta before 3PM for departure to collect Madame Barrow at State House at 4:30PM and then head to the Stadium. This is one wrestling contests with a difference. This is a peace concert, if you like which will continue with a musical jamboree at Sukuta all night long,” Suso added.

Meanwhile event organiser Lamin Cham of Champions Sounds has promised thrilling matches on the night with scores of contestants baying for each other’s blood. .