On justice and closure for victims


It is widely accepted that there are many victims who suffered some form of injustice or the other during the previous regime. Some of these people were tortured, others had their properties seized and some lost loved ones to either extrajudicial killings or forced disappearances.

Since the change of government took place in January of 2017, there have been constant calls for the Government of The Gambia to deliver justice to the victims. The victims and their families have been agitating for justice.

Recently, the Government of The Gambia set up the Truth, Reconciliation and Repatriations Commission which has since begun its work. It hopes to bring justice and reconciliation to the people of the country by prosecuting – those found to be responsible for the most rights violations – and compensating the victims.


Earlier, a case was opened to prosecute the people who are believed to be responsible for the killing of Solo Sandeng and tortured others. The case, which has famously been dubbed the NIA 9, is still ongoing.

The Government of The Gambia is walking the tightrope of trying to see justice done and endeavouring not to appear as witch-hunters. Now, the government is urged to expedite the process to stem the growing frustrations of the victims.

The victims are equally urged to exercise patience a little while longer so that the collective need is met while preserving the peace and stability of the country.