On the issue of security


Since the new government came to power, there has been a series of security incidents which threaten the peace and security of the citizens of the country. There have been reports of cases of rape, armed robbery, assault, and even murder. All these go to threaten the peace and security of the citizens, and solutions must be sought as a matter of urgency.


As this government promises to be a democratic one and that the Rule of Law will be respected at all times and at all costs, the people who are of a criminal proclivity seem to think that they can do anything and get away with it. The government of the day must therefore set its foot on the ground and show to everyone that the breaking of the law will not be tolerated.



As the saying goes ‘there cannot be any form of development without peace and security’. Government must make this a priority to ensure that all Gambians are safe and secure. Gambians must be able to go about their businesses and daily transactions without fear of being attacked by criminals and armed robbers.

Are the police able to guarantee the security of the citizens? Yes, they are. If the police are given the necessary support and given the authority, they will certainly be able to ensure the security of Gambians.


The police need to be given enough vehicles and equipped very well so that they will be able to carry out their duties and functions as they should. The method of Community Policing should also be revived and put into full gear so that they will be able to be on top of the security of the country and assure every Gambian that there is total security and peace in the country.


Day time and night time patrols should be resumed so that the presence of the security agents will serve as a deterrent to would-be perpetrators of crime.

We need peace and security!