On the Jeshwang jailbreak


Thirteen prisoners have escaped from the Jewshang prisons. Although the police spokesperson intimated that these are not high-profile criminals, the fact remains that lawbreakers escaped and are no longer in the custody of the police.

It is therefore safe to say that perhaps these people pose some level of threat to society and can break the law anytime and from anywhere in the country. Security is one of the most important components of development and once the people cannot feel safe in their homes, the streets or their work places, it can’t be called a peaceful and stable society.

The security system at the prisons must be reviewed and strengthened to ensure that this type of escape does not happen again. In the short term, the police must work with the general public to ensure that these criminals (common or high-profile) are recaptured as soon as possible before they break the law again; for, who knows how and when they might break it this time round?


Again, it has been reported that four prison officers have been arrested in connection with the escape and are currently helping the police investigation. The investigation should be thorough so that whoever had a hand in it is arrested and brought to book.

The good work of law enforcers will become futile if we have these types of incidents – prisoners escaping – every now and then. We should therefore work towards securing our prison facilities so that it never happens again.