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Once Upon a Time in The Gambia, Mike Williams (Ayovola Prints)

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Once Upon a Time in The Gambia is a literary piece aim at cultivating reading habits in the hearts of Gambian students and other African students as it’s creatively written in a simple literary style in such a way to make comprehension easy.

The appendix gives definition to hard words and figuratives used in the story and the questions at the end of the book evaluates the students and readers understanding of their Literature and the book itself.

The book is full of hilarious, educative and realistic scenarios clearly showing the topography and beautiful scenery of the Gambia to a stranger who will never get lost in the country just when in possession of the book.

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‘Once upon a Time in The Gambia’ also speaks against societal vices infesting Africa, the Gambia not been an exception. These include rape, FGM, wife battering, early marriage, single parenting, illegal migration and drug abuse.  Each of these issues are addressed in this master piece, clearly stating why these social vices should be avoided at all cost.

The book is also painting the picture of a gory and glorious aura, a creative mixture of fiction and non fiction climaxing into the fact that there is always hope for those who believe!. “There’s always a rainbow at the end of the tunnel”

The book also deals with women empowerment telling the feminine gender that they could live their dreams if only they believe.

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It was published in November 2020 by Ayovola Prints and proof read and critiqued to perfection by professors in linguistics. Once upon a Time in The Gambia” is dedicated to the Gambians and to every child who believes in the beauty of their dreams.

Excerpts: ”Amina an intelligent girl nicknamed “Amina the brilliant girl” in Shantel International College, is deceived into clubbing. Her parents’ separation affected her educationally, emotionally and psychologically. Amina got raped and the stigma from the society and her parents became unbearable that she committed suicide. What will become of her dream of becoming a medical doctor?. Is there still hope for Amina the brilliant girl?”

According to the author he wrote the book to give a voice to the voiceless and hope to the hopeless. “I crave to implement changes anywhere I find myself and this is my true purpose in life. I am not a Gambian but I wrote for Gambians simply because I don’t believe my brothers and sisters are those from my country or ethnic group but those who seek after Goodness with all their hearts. I am not going to say I am an American or British or Nigerian… I am a “WORLDIAN”. A citizen of the World because I believe in humanity, peace and one love,” William told The Standard.

This book is currently under review with the Ministry of Education for recommendation into the curriculum of The Gambia Education system and some NGOs are keying into this vision to aid the availability of The Gambia’ to every Gambian youths, and even tourists with a view to benefit and implement positive changes and become a solution to their generation.

You truly want to see The Gambia?! Read ‘Once Upon a time in the Gambia’

About The Author

The author Mike Williams holds a BSC in Business Administration from Ekiti State University (EKSU), Nigeria and a Diploma in International worship (Music) from International Music and Movie Academy, South Africa. He published many books which include: Dreamers Become Winners, Medora, Esiri the Little Mermaid, university of woman wine tapping, Swagger King, Literary composition (Nursery to Basic Six). His first published work was in 2017, and his books are on sale in Nigeria and in The Gambia.

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