Only God Can Remove Me From Power – Barrow

President Adama Barrow has said that it is God who put him in power and only He can remove him.


By Omar Bah

President Adama Barrow has said that it is God who put him in power and only He can remove him.

Addressing thousands of people from Banjul and the Kanifing Municipality on Sunday at State House, the Gambian leader added: “I never thought I will work for government but when the time came, it’s God who called me, and when God called me I answered, and God has agreed to put me in this position and I believe that it’s only God who can remove me.


No one can remove me. You cannot say anything that will remove me. You can say that you’re popular, you can say you have knowledge but there is only one thing that matters; what you are doing for Gambians”.

Barrow said he is confident that the people of Banjul and Serekunda are with him, given the huge attendance.

“If this KMC and Banjul crowd is shown on television Gambians will know it is all but over. If some people watch this meeting from outside they will cross to Senegal and this is just the starting, the real politicking has not yet started,” Barrow said.

He continued: “You can say that I own GDC or I own UDP, NRP or NCP. People can believe that. But to say that you own people, that’s a lie because people own themselves”.

“I was in UDP for the last 22 years. After 2016 the party won 31 national assembly members from zero. In 2016, you had no councillor. In 2017, 2018 you have 62 councillors. In 22 years, you neither had mayor nor chairman. In 2018 you have seven of them. What do you think is responsible for this?” he asked.

“We can disagree on everything but you will not dispute that 2016 it was Adama Barrow who led and the whole Gambia followed me, we won elections and removed Yahya Jammeh. No one will dispute that. When it was happening, there were people who needed cool air. So when they came out that day, some of them who I welcomed the first thing they told me was, ‘you’re the Prophet Moses,” he said.