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Open letter to women

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By Binta Muhammed Sallah
Vice Chairperson,
Youth For Human Rights Gambia

Dear Women, it’s International Women’s Day… A day to reflect on our achievements, obstacles and situations faced. I know we want to contribute our individual visions to complement the visions of all the women around the world. We want a world free of gender discrimination and selective justice. We are all faced with different challenges at different levels.

I just want to say we had been silently simmering, we are been called over ambitious for simply choosing to dream. I hope you know you’re never too ambitious. You’re never old to dream and make it a reality. I hope you’re true to what you do. And most importantly you’re ready to ensure the next generation doesn’t go through the same struggle of fighting for equal opportunities.

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Our job here, together, is to bolster our strengths and work on our weaknesses to ensure we achieve a gender friendly world.
When I look at my fellow young women, I see women with ambition, women who are trying hard to climb the ladder and assume responsibilities at the helm of affairs. Women with self value and respect for each other. Women who are addicted to the grind and married to the hustle. Women who know what they want and go in for it without an iota of fear. Do what you want. You want that university degree, go grab it! Need a skill? Learn! Want to get married? Do it! Don’t do things because they’re trending or because there is fame attached to it.

To all the women supporters out there, thank you very much. Thank you for realizing that we’re equal. Either you’re a feminist or an egalitarian, we salute you! However, we don’t want you sparking debates or searching soul stories; I just want to say we are tired of politicians and advocates “working” for us. We want to work with you. We want to be the policy makers. We want to spearhead institutions. We are equal partners in development. We don’t want to be victims of sexual offenses. Forced marriages or any human rights violations. We want to be seen. We want to be heard! We don’t want to spend time mulling over our failures and scrutinizing the mistakes society made instead of trying to rectify them. We want actions.
#ThinkEqual, BuildSmart, InnovateForChange
With love, we wish you an amazing International Women’s Day.

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