According to latest reports, the GFF has enlisted the backing of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, MOYS, and the Immigration Department in a bid to clarify the country’s position on the Ali Sowe case. 

CAF believed the Gambia football authorities have deliberately given two birth dates for Ali Sowe and accordingly suspended the country from all competitions. The GFF has since said the case was an error that occurred while a clerk was transferring the data from his passport to the Caf online registration form.

A source told The Standard yesterday that MOYS was briefed about the matter and both Minister Jammeh and staff have shown interest in acting swiftly to clear what ever misconceptions there might be. “It is important that we use every effort to salvage The Gambia’s name and if that means saving the Scorpions then the better,” one official told The Standard.


It is also reported that a high level delegation would soon travel to Cairo to further boost The Gambia’s case before Caf officials. The Gambia has only ten days to seek a review of the Caf’s suspension, as the qualifiers starts on May 17.