Our police should be commended


Following the arrest of more than one hundred and fifty people alleged to have been among a criminal gang of armed robbers who had of recent unleashed a reign of terror on the civilian population of The Gambia, our policemen and women should be commended.


In the past three or four weeks, there has been a series of attacks by armed robbers preying on the vulnerability of the citizens of the Gambia – particularly in the North Bank Region. These armed robbers, banking on the knowledge that Gambian police officers are not armed with guns, attack different places to rob people of their properties and disappear into thin air, as it were.



The investigative prowess of the men and women of the Gambia Police Force, coupled with their tenacity and hard work yielded positive results when they discovered the hiding place of the suspected criminals and arrested them.


Security of the person and property of the citizens is of paramount importance and it is the duty of the police to ensure that these two are adequately provided in the country. As they have proven to be professionals with the highest standard of ethics, it is important to acknowledge their good work.


The Gambia – and indeed – all countries in the world need peace and security and the police – men and women – are the people mandated and equipped to ensure that it happens. It is also necessary to make proper arrangements to revive the community policing effort to ensure that the police have an ear to the ground to ensure peace and stability prevail in the country.

Thank you Gambia Police Force!