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PDOIS man resigns ‘over Halifa’s comments’

By Omar Bah

Musa Ceesay, the PDOIS candidate who unsuccessfully contested last April’s National Assembly for Busumbala Constituency, has resigned from the party.

Mr Ceesay, who walked into the offices of The Standard to make the declaration, said his move is motivated by the recent comments directed to the Coalition government by Halifa Sallah.
Ceesay said as a member of the Coalition, Mr Sallah should have helped the new government to fix the problems he is outlining.

“I don’t think Halifa has any justification to say ‘nothing seems to have improved in the living standards of ordinary Gambians’ because the freedom we are enjoying alone is unprecedented,” he said.
He added: “This is unacceptable and I want to register my total disappointment in Sallah. I also want to announce through this medium that I have resigned from the PDOIS and have disassociated myself from the party’s activities henceforth.”

Ceesay said Halifa should have known better that government requires teamwork and no one person alone can make a difference.

He said the PDOIS leader must stop taking advantage of the difficulties faced by the new administration “because Gambians themselves knew better that it would not be easy to fix all that has been broken by Jammeh.

“You cannot change horse in the middle of a tight race. Halifa must stick with President Barrow to the bitter end and find a solution to anything that worries him.”

He said President Barrow and his Coalition government have no magic hands to do what is not in their capacity or mend what has been damaged for 22 years.

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