Police investigate viral mob justice videos


Gambian police have opened investigations into the numerous viral videos in which alleged thieves appear to have been publicly tortured, saying they are “deeply concerned” about the circulation of such footages on social media.

“These acts of mob justice, torture and degrading treatment are seriously condemned and frowned upon as they have no place in any civilized society.

The Inspector General’s Office has opened investigations into several videos it received in connection to the matter. The public is hereby informed that individuals found wanting of perpetrating torture against other individuals alleged of stealing will be arrested and prosecuted in accordance with the laws of The Gambia,” a statement from the police said.


There have been several videos doing the rounds on social media showing alleged thieves tied, stripped naked and beaten.

However, police said while the concerns of the public regarding thievery are understood, taking the law into one’s hands is unacceptable.

“The public is further advised to report matters to the police and other appropriate authorities for redress and never must they take the law into their own hands,” the statement added.