By Omar Bah

Fabakary Tombong Jatta, the interim leader of the opposition APRC was yesterday called for questioning by police in Banjul.
Mr Jatta who reported to the headquarters at Buckle Street spent hours being interrogated by police and while the interrogation went on, senior officials of the party arrived and waited on the corridors.

As news spread about the presence of their senior leaders at the police, scores of slogan-chanting APRC supporters gathered in front of the police station carrying placards which read: ‘FTJ will never walk alone’.
The party leader emerged somehow somber but also buoyant.


He told waiting journalists and supporters that he was invited and questioned over certain statement made.
“I was invited to clarify certain comments I made. I discussed with them and we agreed to disagree on certain things because one has to differentiate political statements from all other things. But thank God all went well. We call on our supporters as usual to remain resolute and law-abiding and then we move forward,” FTJ said.
Meanwhile Seedy Njie, a senior member of the APRC, accused the police of paranoia adding that the measure was intended to silence the APRC. “But I want to assure all our party supporters that the party will continue to exist,” Njie said.

The police did not make any public statement on the matter but a source told The Standard that they want to discourage the use of language that may cause or incite hatred at a time when the country is on the process of healing in the wake of the changes of last January.