Police reveal 8,538 bottles of contaminated syrup still unaccounted for


Preliminary police investigations into the AKI crisis released yesterday have revealed that some 8,538 bottles of the contaminated syrups blamed for the death of 69 children are still not accounted for. 

The police report however did not say whether the unaccounted bunch are still somewhere, or have been consumed. 

For the first time also, police named the importer of the contaminated drug to be Atlantic Pharmaceuticals Company Ltd, adding that in total, the company imported 50,000 bottles of the four contaminated Indian-made baby syrups namely makoff baby cough, magrip and cold, promethazine syrup and kofexmalin baby cough syrups. Police said some 41,462 bottles have been quarantined/seized by Medicines Control Agency.


The investigations, conducted by the police Crime Management Coordination Unit, have also identified pending issues to be clarified with required evidential material and justifications.

“While the investigation into this matter continues, the general public is once again urged to remain calm in this difficult situation,” the police report concluded.