Politician of The Week Alhagie S DarboeNational Assembly Member for Brikama North (UDP)



National Assembly Member for Brikama North (UDP)



Everyweek hence, The Standard on Friday will award a Politician of The Week. Our choice this week is Darbo Alhagie S. Constituency: Brikama North. Party: UDP

Recently, one of his constituents and likely a member of his party made some unsavoury statements to which Mr Darboe promptly took to his Facebook page and wrote thus: “UDP is a national party that belongs to all the Gambians and owned by all the Gambians. UDP is ever known to be a law-abiding and peace loving party. That was why it was able to survive the Jammeh era and contributed emensely [sic] to it’s down fall constitutionally.

Every patriotic Gambian was concerned for the change and we thank God that we have it and therefore we must endeavour to embraced [sic] it. In doing so we must be working towards making a better Gambia for all regardless of tribal, political or religious affiliation. No tribe has an issue with another tribe in The Gambia. Individually, we may have different political associations and perceptions and that should not be translated with tribal connotation. With this new-found democracy freedom of speech is guaranteed but must not be abused in the name of democracy and rule of law to heal the wounds of the former regime.

This is what UDP stands for. Purely for political accommodation. Thus any utterance or action by anyone who may be UDP or none UDP against this principle of this great party is not in anyway the position of the party and therefore is unacceptable. Yes the man in question on this particular matter is from my area in Brikama Daruhairu. What we know in Daruhairu at the moment is political accommodation.

This is what I am advocating for. That’s why in my development committee proposal which was accepted by all, APRC councillors are my vice chairmen, 1st and 2nd. We’re working as a team despite our political differences not to talk of tribe. Must of the Mandinka boys married Jola girls in Daruhairu. How can we be at war against ourselves? Practically impossible. We have passed that stage. Whoever may have that agenda it will not work and you will be exposed and your intention will certainly be defeated. Long life the UDP and long life The Gambia.”