President Adama Barrow puts alkalolu on salary from January

President Adama Barrow puts alkalolu on salary from January



The Secretary General and Party Leader of the National People’s Party, His Excellency President Adama Barrow, began his presidential campaign on Tuesday 9th November, 2021. The presidential motorcade rolled out of State House in a spectacular fashion with President Barrow adorning his Party’s grey attire in the company of thousands of members and supporters of the Grand Alliance comprising 17 parties and former independent aspirants for the 2021 election. A colourful crowd of jubilant supporters filed past Hagan Street with motorists honking their horns in a simmering November afternoon.

President Adama Barrow arrived in Barra where tens of thousands accorded him a befitting welcome resonating a grateful nation.


In Fass Omar Saho, Ndungu Charreh and Kuntair in Upper Niumi, Lower Niumi and Jokadu constituencies respectively, residents assured President Adama Barrow of a landslide victory thanks to his visible infrastructural development projects throughout these constituencies.

The massive construction of the infamous, once pothole-riddled Hakalang laterite road that witnessed countless accidents since independence received so much praise. The road that runs across the Niumis and Jokadou Districts was invoked by several speakers as a milestone project under President Barrow and the NPP candidate was eulogised by many last night.

A very appreciative President Barrow thanked the people of the area for their kind sentiments, massive crowds and tumultuous welcome. He assured them of a continuous infrastructural development programme that will eventually turn The Gambia into a city state.

The candidate of Gambia’s biggest political alliance commended Gambian alkalolu for their selfless spirit of voluntarism to Gambians and broke the pleasant news that effective January, 2021, all village heads across the country will be put on Gambia Government salary in appreciation for their community service.

A local political observer confidently asserted that the crowd seen on Barrow’s first day of campaign in the North Bank Region is unprecedented in the political history of the area and indicative of an NPP huge victory in NBR.

The President’s team will today, Thursday hold meetings in Ngain Sanjal, Kaur and Fass.

On Friday 12th November, 2021, President Barrow is expected to hold mass rallies in Paleilei Nianija, Niani Wassu and Sami Karantaba Wollof.

President Adama Barrow is contesting the December 4th presidential election with five others and as things stand, Barrow and his Grand Alliance is expected to win with a huge majority.

The above advertorial piece is from the NPP media group