UDP youth leader urges Gambians to expose ‘voter card buyers’

UDP youth leader urges Gambians to expose 'voter card buyers'


By Amadou Jadama

Hagi Suwaneh, a member of the UDP youth wing, has called on Gambians to be vigilant and resist any anyone who tries to buy their voter cards.

In an exclusive interview with The Standard yesterday, Suwaneh also urged the electorate to expose those engaged in such illegal practice.


“Every Gambian should rise against voter card selling or buying because that was part of the many ways Yahya Jammeh rigged elections and stayed for a very long time. It is as simple as that. If you sell your vote, you will not take part in the process to change your leaders,” he warned.

The UDP youth president further said he chose to speak out because rumours are circulating that people are going round buying voter cards which he said is a serious violation of all electoral laws.

“I don’t think there is poverty or hardship at this level that can warrant Gambians to sell their voter cards no matter the fees offered. I am calling on politicians and Gambians in general to expose anyone who comes to their homes or streets to buy voter cards,” he concluded.