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President Barrow Will Win Election In All Regions – CepRass polls

President Barrow Will Win Election In All Regions - CepRass polls

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The National People’s Party (NPP) welcomes the November 26th opinion polls published by CepRass and commends the pollsters and the respondents.

CepRass, an internationally recognised national research and studies institution with wealth of expertise on opinion polls over the years, conducted a second opinion polls this November on the 4th December 2021 presidential election.

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The opinion polls conducted throughout The Gambia indicated that President Adama Barrow will win in all regions of The Gambia indeed represents the general realities and prevailing situation of The Gambia.

For the NPP, the polls are a testimony of the love and appreciation Gambians continue to show to His Excellency, President Adama Barrow and his development agenda.

The Gambia under President Barrow over the last five years, witnessed an unprecedented transformation and development to the envy of the sub-region.

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The Gambia, as a grateful nation to an incorruptible leader who with the country’s meagre resources, ensured that his social contract with the people are met.

Barrow ushered in a full-fledged democracy where citizens continue to enjoy their rights and liberties without hindrance and are ready to vote massively for him on 4th December.

Following an intense campaigning throughout The Gambia, it is heartening to note that Gambians came out in their thousands to cheer and will re-elect him this coming in Saturday’s election and assured President Barrow of an overwhelming majority .

While taking solace in this significant development, NPP will continue to promote a greater culture of tolerance, openness and respect for fundamental rights during President Barrow’s 2021 to 2026 term.

President Adama Barrow overwhelming supports the decision of Gambians to re-elect him because of his unwavering efforts to transform the country into a city state where all amenities: water, electricity, roads infrastructure, agriculture, recreational facilities, educational and health facilities, are provided throughout the Gambia.

As a party, we are encouraged to live by our ardent desire of fulfilling our shared goals and policies of delivering services to improve the lives and livelihoods of our people.

His Excellency’s ongoing nationwide campaign, speaks to the appreciation with which Gambians hold him. Thousands greeted him with enthusiasm and fanfare at meeting venues while tens of thousands lined up the streets and waved the motorcade of a man they described as “development-oriented”.

Appreciative of his remarkable development, the electorate vowed to give him a huge mandate by winning all constituencies with emphatic margins.

The Secretary General and Party Leader of NPP-led grand coalition reassured Gambians of his relentless commitment to continue serving them on the path of good governance, democracy, rule of law, a just and free society necessary in a democratic space post-2021 InshaAllah.


Deputy spokesman


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