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President Yahya Jammeh is on the receiving end of messages congratulating him on the country’s 50th Independence Anniversary celebration. Below reads a message addressed to President Jammeh:

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I hereby humbly with absolute fealty and homage, write to you, congratulating you, your family and the entire people of The Gambia on the special occasion of our 50th National Independence Anniversary (Golden Jubilee) celebration, that has symbolised our self-determination, self-orientation, dignity, self-reliance, self-defense, and the pursuit of happiness, nurtured by our noble social values, portmanteaued   by our cherished rule of law, and democratic principles.

Apropos of the above political realities, I strongly believe that with your incredible leadership track record, The Gambia is now one of the greatest countries on the face of the earth.

Your realistic extraordinary political philosophy, democratic ideals, and dogmatism approaches have tacitly presaged and embraced the aspirations of the Gambian people in a world faced by numerous unprognosticative challenges.

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I believe, The Gambia, being a utopia during your administration, absolutely needs a very strong leader like yourself that is determined, visionary, and resolved with strategic-patience abilities, not distracted by unfounded besmirch or clishmaclaver.

Your dynamic leadership has matched the need in a so-called advanced technological age, the absolute resolution, promotion, and development agenda framework, through the strengthening of public institutions, and liberalisation of the private sector thereby fostering economic stimulation for employment and growth among youths.

I am highly impressed and proud of the excellent job you’ve done are still doing on daily basis, to advance our country through the numerous infrastructural and institutional erections, such as the National Assembly Building, roads, hospitals and schools constructions, including the UTG, aiming for your aspired phenomenal higher educational cause  for all Gambians, among others.

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Mr President, your remarkable work track record, over the last 20 years, has reflected a legacy of unprecedented good governance, ideal democratic tenets, equal social structure, guided by the rule of law individual self-reliance, and the philosophy of states-centric progressivism.

To this end, Mr President, I hereby express my sincere gratitude with best wishes, as well as to congratulate you and your family, including every Gambian on this memorable day of our Golden Jubilee, marking the 50th Independence from the British rule. May Allah protect you, grant you all the ordinary, and necessary strengths and wisdom to leading the Gambia.

I thank you again from the bottom of my heart, and I feel highly honoured writing to your Excellency during this monumental National Day of honour, peace, progress and pride.

Mustapha Mbowe,



Leveraging on technology for growth

Dear editor,

Allow me to use your medium to commend some private sector players in the country for their readiness to leverage on technology for growth. In recent years, private companies and banks in the country have been rolling out new technology solutions to boost their services to customers. This is very good because it is becoming increasingly evident that innovation is now the top driver of growth. To be competitive in the global marketplace, organisations need to be driving more innovation in their products and services. They need to innovate rapidly and they need to do it cost-effectively. This has been a need that has grown over the last several years. This is why business leaders are now focused on growth, and they expected technology to be the main enabler of innovation. In fact, most of them are now looking to use technology to gain both efficiencies and differentiation simultaneously. In the banking sector in particular, commitment to continually offer value-added solutions that conveniently fit into the lifestyle of customers has gained prominence. The financial institutions are becoming more and more innovative and technologically driven, with some introducing several novel solutions that have transformed the Gambian banking space. However, it has to be also noted that even the best technology can’t deliver success without focus on business strategy and goals. It is important to have a clear vision of where the company is going, as it will define and set the context for the role innovation will play in enabling profitable growth, help determine the type of innovation you want to drive and the way you need to organise to effect change. Innovation can always manifest itself in multiple ways, whether in a technology change that determines the products and services you deliver, or a business model change that defines the value you deliver. Companies must determine the types of innovation they need—incremental, breakthrough, or radical.

Ibrahim Ceesay,



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