Presidential adviser Mballow says crime grows with a developing society


By Mustapha Ceesay

Saihou Mballow, the presidential adviser on youth matters, has said Gambians should not be completely surprised by the recent rise in criminal activities because these things are associated with a country that is developing such as The Gambia.

“As people’s awareness grows through technology, so do criminals and their ways of doing things; criminals too are developing- the brightest example is the United States. Do you know how many homicides happen in US, Canada or Germany in a day? These types of things are not new there because they are used to it. You can see somebody come into a house with his gun, rob the house and kill the whole family. So, my advice to Gambians is that let us be prepared because as the country develops these kinds of crimes could be common occurrence. All I can advise is, as a citizens, let us be vigilant. If we see something bad, let us not keep silent but do or say something about it. The police cannot be at every place at all times. It’s practically impossible, just like elsewhere in the world,” Saihou Mballow said on a recent edition of The Brunch on Kerr Fatou discussing the recent homicide and violent crimes in the country.


Mr Mballow further urged Gambians to discourage the attitude of ‘it is not my business’. “Security should be anyone’s business. If you see somebody whom you have not recognised, or any movement that you don’t recognise, or suspicious looking persons in any neighborhood, call or alert the police…that’s how people make sure that they reduce crimes in other areas. The world is a global village, so don’t allow your neighbour to be in trouble while you are comfortable. The next time it could happen to you,” Mballow said.