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Prosecution closes case in diplomatic passport trial

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By Bruce Asemota

The prosecution has closed its case in the criminal trial involving Mansa Sumareh, President Barrow’s former driver and Ebrima J.Sanneh, a protocol officer, after testimonies from eight prosecution witnesses.

In addition to the eight witnesses, the prosecution tendered several documents as exhibits to prove its case against the accused persons.

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The last prosecution witness Bakary Susso had testified that he is a musician and a native of Janjanbureh.

He told the court that he usually organises football tournaments which made him to know Mansa Sumareh who at the time was the driver of President Barrow.

The witness also testified that because of the good work he is doing in Janjanbureh, the President wanted him to acquire a diplomatic passport and, in the process, he met Mansa Sumareh and one Modou Sowe who introduced himself as a director at SIS.

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The witness alleged that in order to facilitate the acquisition of the diplomatic passport, Mansa Sumareh requested that he gives him US$800.00.

The witness also testified that during another visit of Mansa Sumareh to his house, he gave him US$2000.00 and he started following up the diplomatic passport where he met the 2nd accused person, Ebrima J.Sanneh who was to work on procuring the diplomatic passport.

Bakary Susso testified that he gave Mansa Sumareh another US$600.00 making a total sum of US$3400.00.

The witness said though he demanded receipt, Mansa never gave him any but promised he that he would get receipt when he gets the passport.

The witness told the court that he trusted Mansa Sumareh as he was the president’s driver.

The witness was cross-examined by defence counsel Segga Gaye after which the prosecution closed its case and the matter adjourned to 15th November, 2022 for Mansa Sumareh and co accused person, Ebrima J. Sanneh to open their defence.

The duo are standing trial on charges of forgery of documents in an attempt to secure diplomatic passport for Bakary Susso.  

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