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Protest turns violent as Bob’s rape trial proceeds

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By Binta A Bah

Lawyer Lamin Camara, representing youth activist Bubacarr Keita, has filed a motion for the high court judge, Momodou Jallow to set aside a ruling he made requesting Keita to submit to blood extraction for DNA examination to determine the paternity of the baby of the victim she is alleged to have raped.

In a sworn affidavit in support, Keita said the state lawyers together with prison officers escorted him to EFSTH and directed that his blood be extracted. However, Keita in his affidavit said he has no trust in the conduct of any DNA examination coordinated or involving the prosecuting authority.

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“The fact that the DNA examinations are not conducted in the Gambia makes the whole process fraught with possibilities for foul play, of which blood swapping is no exception,” he said, adding that there is every possibility of taking blood samples from any of his biological children in the custody of their mother, the sister of the alleged victim.

The affidavit, which was moved in court, also stated: “I am deeply apprehensive that I will not have fair treatment if this order is not set aside or stayed pending the determination of the appeal and the state law office is allowed to continue to coordinate and supervise the conduct of the DNA examination.”

Camara is expected to continue to address the court on the same issue when proceedings resume on Monday.

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Meanwhile, the protest demanding for Keita’s freedom turned violent after PIU officers released teargas into the crowd. This followed after protesters, who were chanting ‘free Bob” started throwing stones at the officers.

Some protesters were wounded and others fainted. They were taken inside a church opposite the court where they were given first aid by Red Cross before an  ambulance whisked them to the hospital.

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